About Us

We are a very small development team of artists and programmers that began work on developing various screen saver technologies in Q4 of 2016. Our first screen saver engine was finished and launched in January of 2017.

The screen saver project is a subsidiary of Digital Dimensions Inc., a software think tank located in Oklahoma, USA. The mission statement for this project is to create modern and market viable screen saver themes for the latest and upcoming computer technologies relying up on Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Some of these new target technologies include 4k and higher resolution screens, Direct X 11+, Cloud technologies and new GPU and CPU performance capabilities.

This website and project is lead by Charles Hays who is the CEO of Digital Dimensions Inc., and oversees multiple ongoing project. These projects mainly focus on education software and kiosk software and hardware related systems. Charles believes that desktop computing is becoming antiquated due to the proliferation of mobile computing devices, and that desktop computers will be more focused mostly on business production and public kiosk and point to point information and kiosk systems.

So why make desktop software if it is being phased out? Because the desktop computers are still much more powerful than the mobile counterparts, but mobile is catching up. Soon mobile computing performances will be doing what only power desktops can do today. We are looking at developing those technologies based on desktop performance now, that will be available for mobile in the near future, instead of trying to make software that must be limited to mobiles limits today.