Screen Saver Demos

The screen saver themes contain both full and demo modes. When you download and install the app it will start in demo mode. The demo mode is not a trial, you can use it as long as you want with no limitations or expiration times.

By upgrading to a full version you will get more features out of the screen saver. This may include background scenes, animations and advanced settings only available from upgrading. We call this upgrade “Plus Content”.

When you upgrade to Plus Content you are not required to download and install a different version of the software. You will unlock the content already contained in the demo/free version.

Upgrade to Plus Content

To activate the Plus content of one of our already installed screen savers, you need to pull up that screen saver’s settings menu.

When viewing the screen saver settings options there is a button labeled Activated PLUS Content, click on it. You will see a lick at the top that says “Click Here To Purchase Upgrade” clicking on that will take you to the product upgrade page in your default browser. Purchase the upgrade from our website store and you will receive a Product Key. You will then use the Product Key and the email given when you made the online purchase in the fields Email and Product Key, and then click Activate. This will then restart the Settings menu with the program fully unlocked.

Bonus Content

Most (but not all) of our screen savers come with Easter eggs. This is hidden bonus content you can unlock if you can figure out how the secret to unlocking it. Hint: She uncovers a hidden secret on the Internet in 1995.