How to Change Screen Savers on Windows

Change Screen Saver on Windows 10

This guide will show you how to change your screen saver settings on Windows 10.Click the Windows start icon at the bottom left of the screen

Click the Windows start icon at the bottom left of the screen.


Windows settings
Click the Settings Icon


Windows personalizationClick Personalization


lock screen settingsClick Lock Screen
click screen saver settingsClick Screen saver settings
change windows screen saverYou will see a demo on the old computer screen monitor of the currently selected screen saver.
To change the screen saver, use the pull down selection.


If the screen saver offers customizable settings you can change, you can click on the Settings button.
To review the screen saver as it would actually appear, click on the Preview button.

Note: Most screen savers will stop as soon as any mouse or keyboard activity occurs and this happens in the Preview as well. So as soon a you hit the Preview button do not move the mouse or touch the keyboard until you are doing previewing it.