Version History

Screen Saver Engine

1.2.1 – Updated to include latest library engine instillation.
1.2.0 – Lots of fixes to the screensaver engine and new features were added.
1.1.0 – Streamlined the installer.
1.0.9 – Replaced mini preview in Windows Change Screen Saver to a static image. Using reference pointer to the full screen saver would sometimes cause the window to crash.
1.0.8 – Added option transitioning for projects that use it.
– Fixed blackoutscreen termination when screen saver exits (some systems would not close properly.)
– Only uses blackoutscreen when screen saver manager is active.
– No longer forces screen saver manager to start.
– Add application icons.
1.0.7 – Updated core builder 5.5.1f1 Tween and Text support and many other updates and fixes
– Installer now adds programs to Windows start folder “Screen Savers”
1.0.6 – Fixed multi-monitor support
1.0.5 – Added new transition features
1.0.4 – Tested DirextX 12 support on Windows 10 (Removed)
1.0.3 – Internal Audit
1.0.2 – Added Payment system
1.0.1 – Internal Audit
1.0.0 – Initial release

Screen Saver Manager

1.3 – In some instances of Windows 10 the timeout key in the registry gets removed which causes the manager to break. In these cases the timeout defaults to 5 minutes. When a user changes the screensaver time again it re-adds to this key to the registry. We are unable to add this key from the manager due to raised security policies.
1.2 – Improved timer clocks.
– Added Exit to options.
1.1 – Fixed runaway error message when screen saver SCR could not be found.
1.0 – Initial release