Download and Install

This page is a general guide for downloading and installing our products onto your computer.


When you click on one of the download buttons or links you will get a message bar at the bottom of your screen saver asking if you want to open or save.

download screen saver

Click on the “Save” button.


download screen saver completeAfter the program has downloaded the bar will change and let you know that it has completed. You can then click on “Open Folder” and find the download.



zipped screen saverThe program will be saved as a compressed ZIP file in order to make the file download smaller. You will need to unzip the program before installing it.

windows 10 extract all

Right click on the zip file and select “Extract All”.

install folderThis will create a new folder in the same folder (or location you specified.)

screen saver install exe

Double left click on the folder to open it. Inside you will find the install Exe file something similar to above.

Double click on the exe to begin the install.


Now that you have downloaded and extracted the installer, you will run it and install the screen saver.
uca install screen saver

When you start the install you will get a window that may look something similar to the one above. This verifies that the program was published by us, Digital Dimensions.

Click “Yes” to continue the install.

license agreementThe next par twill require you to accept the software license agreement. Select “I accept the agreement” (after reading it) and click “Next”.

You may then be asked select a file location for the install. You can change this if you prefer, or just click “Next”.

ready to install

The installer when then tell you it is ready to install, if there are any conflicting previous versions running it may ask to kill those first before continuing. Click the “Install” button.

installingYou will then see the install progress bar as the files are installed on the computer. Do not press anything at this point, it will go to the next page when it is done.

setup wizard completeWhen the install is complete you will get this window. Make sure the checkbox has a checkmark in it and click on the “Finish” button.

Set Screen Saver

set current screen saver

The screen saver will then launch and it detect that it is new, it will ask if you wish to set it as the current screen saver. Click “Yes”.


screen saver settings

You will then be shown a settings window for your new screen saver. There maybe fewer or more options then those shown in the picture above depending on the screen saver theme.

When making changes to the screen saver settings and you want to preview them, you will need to click save first, otherwise you will not see the current changes.

Click on the “Activate PLUS Content” button or “Purchase Product Key” link to upgrade the screen saver.


Now that you have installed the screen saver, you can also change the frequency it will launch within the Windows Screen Saver settings section. We hope you enjoy the free screen saver, and if it offers an upgrade you will not be disappointed in purchasing the additional content!

enjoy your screen saver