Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards using the Stripe payment gateway. We also accept payment by PayPal.

How to Purchase Upgrade

When you click on the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button it will be added into your online shopping cart for our website that will look similar to the image below.

cart checkout

Click on “Proceed to checkout”.

The next page will ask for you to enter your billing information. This information needs to be as it appears on your credit card statement. At the bottom of the page you can select to pay using the Stripe gateway for credit cards or PayPal.

select payment type

Click on “Continue to Payment”. If you selected Stripe it will ask you to enter the Credit Card number, expiration date of the card and security code (CVV.) Our website uses encryption and you can verify the your connection is secure by the lock symbol located by the address bar in your browser.

card info

If you select PayPal you will be redirected through the PayPal payment gateway.

Afterwards you will be sent to the Order Complete page. Here you will be shown the email you used, and your Product Key.

order received

You should also receive an email that contains this information along with another as a receipt for your purchase.

Activate Upgrade

Once you have received your Product Key, you can activate the upgrade options. If you haven’t done so already download and install the screen saver. Open the screen savers settings and click on the “Activate Plus Content” button. A new box will appear that contains fields for both your email and product key. You must use the exact email you supplied when making the purchase, along with the product key. Then click “Activate”.

product activation

The screen saver settings menu will restart. You may see new options now availed in the settings. Some upgrades will not contain new settings, but are visible once the screen saver starts.